Friday, September 11, 2009

Bearded Lady - What's it all about?

I've had a few people ask me recently what the deal is with this Bearded Lady stuff. well... let me tell ya what's up! Michael Nelsen and I share a love for comic books that goes much deeper than picking up the latest issue of X-Men at the comic shop once per month. We both (despite my lateness in actually TRYING to get in the door) share a love for the creative process and want to make comics of the caliber we read or to match what we'd like to see more of in the industry today. Michael is the first person I've met who sees things the exact same way as I do. We both have our strengths and they tend to be different and complement each other... Primary example? I can't draw and he can.... he can do funny and I can't. There are a couple of things I may be a little stronger at, but I won't point those out except for maybe marketing because it's a well known fact that I'm a carpet bomb marketer and have had some amount of luck with it. Bottom line, though, we both have a ton of ideas, we both love to write, love to go through the creative process, etc... the end result we came up with was a desire to be under a common banner... The Bearded Lady name was the first one we came up with, tied to two projects and intended to bring people's minds back to a different time in our history... Mission accomplished. In the process, though, we ended up with this LONG list of names which we started voting on and, in the end, ended up using the first name, Bearded Lady, anyway. Funny how that works....

From there, it was a matter of defining what Bearded Lady is all about. We're not a publisher, though we plan to publish some. We're not a studio, though we do have talent. We're not consultants, though we do consulting work, too. We're all of them and none of them... The goal of Bearded Lady is to bring together like minded creative types under a common banner and help to prop up the collective by helping each other out! I may have a good idea needing an artist, Mike may have a great idea needing a little help flushing out in the writing department, an artist we work with might be looking for a certain genre of book to work on, we may have someone come to us and ask for help with XYZ comic-related project, etc... The door is open to all sorts of potential avenues for us to make a name for ourselves in the industry.

We have some big plans coming up including some names involved with BL who are published professionals in the industry, some books being published, and some significant layout changes to the site to make it a little more.... 2009. Also, expect to see a LOT more content coming... we're working on that now.

Hope that clears a few things up!

To summarize...
Bearded Lady is - Anything and everything we want it to be.
Bearded Lady is - A reference to two projects we're working on.
Bearded Lady is - Going through some significant growth.
Bearded Lady is - Getting some serious renovations!
Bearded Lady is - SWEET!

Check it out... go get some idea of what we're doing.

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