Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Patience and persistance can pay off in the end...

Seems like many many moons ago, I started talking with Sachin Nagar about my detective book XXXXXXXXX (no, still not slipping on the name). I honestly have over 180 pages of script ready to go as well as TONS of info to get me beyond that. I'm not going to call it an epic, just a great story with plots and sub-plots, which keep it going. Don't forget the mysteries involved... always something behind the scenes to figure out.
Originally, I came up with the idea back in November and started working with an artist shortly thereafter. I was fired up and he was fired up, so I was cranking out scripts, just knowing, "this is the one." After a while, life got on the way of my poor artist and he had to bail out. Common story in comic book land, at least in the pre-production phases. He has taken a different path and I wish him luck, actually! He's had some luck, done some covers for publications, etc...
For a time, I gave up on finding an artist because the ones I was trying to work with didn't really match up with what I was looking for on this book. Eventually, though, Sachin popped up with this amazing artwork and from the first rendering of the main characters, I was sold on his style.

Here we are a few months later and we're just about ready to get a submission package sent out... I'm excited, of course... this is one of those books I've been waiting MONTHS to send to publishers, eager for feedback, eager to get moving on the book, etc... I guess that's the problem with writing too far ahead, huh?
Hope you enjoy the images! More to come, as always.

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