Saturday, January 24, 2009

And they keep on flowing...

I'm pretty excited today... I had to take my wife's car to get the oil change, tires rotated, etc... While I waited (just under two hours), I ended up typing away on my laptop, trying to crank through the script for my horror comic... No, nothing with zombies, vapires, or werewolves, something a bit more visceral. I used to watch a ton of horror movies when I was younger and still love to check them out when I have time but one thing plaguing 90% of them is poor writing. The last ones I watched that didn't come across that way were 28 Days Later and The Ring... There were others, I'm sure, but I can't remember them. The dialog in so many other horror movies is so contrived it's ridiculous! So, my goal for said horror comic book script is to make the dialog more realistic... How would people REALLY react in some of these situations and also keeping in mind that before, during, and after the story the characters had lives, relationships, etc... Just because there's a story going on doesn't mean their lives end, so I sneak in elements of their personal lives that may not be pertinent to the horror, but they help to color the story and to help it make sense when characters do certain things, react certain ways, etc... Also, when all is said and done, I want the reader to feel bad for the characters if, by some small chance, they get hurt or, God forbid in a horror story, someone dies! Oh no! The most perfect comic book I read that falls into the horror category is Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman... If I write my own mini-series half as well as he's managed to consistently do with Walking Dead, I'm going to be extremely pleased with myself.

Now you may ask, "when will I find out what this story is?" Well.... you've got to wait. I'm not worried about someone stealing the story so much. It's so specific that if someone DID steal it, I'd know... it's not some spin on something else, it's a twisted vision based on the combination of a photo and a dream... Unless you shared the dream with me (please let me know if you did so I can go have some powerful psychic suck it out of your head), you've not seen anything like it.

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