Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Exciting, encouraging, or what?

On a positive note, I've actually received some very good feedback from several people on the sample script I posted on my blog here and it hasn't been up for long! Can't complain about that! Hopefully Avatar will enjoy it when it comes up in their stack of freelance submissions. If not, I totally understand the crap shoot that is the business. At some point I'll catch the right person's eye or ear and it will make all of the difference. It's kind of like applying for any job when you think about it. There are thousands of people who, on a piece of paper (resumé), all look alike with equal or even fewer qualifications. Once you manage to get past that first hurtle, however, and catch someone's attention, it's a lot easier to show them why you are a good fit. I've always done well on interviews, so here's hoping!

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