Saturday, July 25, 2009

SDCC - Long days and crazy nights!

Well, I'm not one of the masses that goes out after SDCC is over and parties, haven't had the time... Between meeting with publishers, networking with fellow creators, passing out flyers, etc, I just haven't had the time! Had some completely amazing conversations with people, though, which is great and may have even finally found an artist for my opus, the fantasy book I started over 15 years ago and seven months ago started looking to convert it to a comic book script. I held off doing a lot on the book until I found the right artist, because the way I write scripts is often impacted by the style of the artist I'm working with. The cool thing is that this person is a KNOWN name in the art community and the style that would come out of it isn't something you would expect, but should from a fantasy book... I'll leave you with that.

More things to share, but I have to get back out the door to go play the SDCC game some more!!!!

Check out my pictures from Thursday and Friday...

Oh yeah, gave blood last night, which was cool... Wasn't expecting it, but got a shirt that says "I just gave blood. But I saved some for Eric." It's a True Blood shirt... funny, huh?

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