Thursday, February 12, 2009

Small Press Idol 2009 - Pitch (updated)

Well, after some critiques from the judges and forum-members, I ended up changing around my pitch for Faction, so below are the results. I received some very positive feedback about it, so I'm happy. Based on the rules of the contest, I can't post anything online that hasn't been put up on the contest web site, so you'll have to wait for round 2 to see more... KT is working on an updated mock cover, so maybe I'll get that up at some point to.

The year is 2025 and the worlds’ governments are focused on eradicating the escalating terrorist threat in the Middle East secretly supported by the demonic Den Malignity. This effort has left Master Sergeant Acker Kinney, a Special Ops Medic, scarred and short an arm, forever changed.

When Acker is attacked by a demonic minion while recovering from his wounds in a military hospital, he is saved by Knights from the Society of the Enlightened. Soon he will be one of them; men and women blessed by God with countless lifetimes of knowledge and rediscovered powers.

The Society and the Den Malignity, enemies in an eternal struggle, must react when other factions, long thought banished or destroyed, rise to reclaim what was theirs. The Society and its knights must determine in this changed landscape who their allies and enemies are as factions vie for a stake in the world’s destiny.

The schemes of gods, the desires of demons, the powers of nature, myth, and the supernatural – all set forth to control a world the Society has sworn to protect. This is Faction.

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