Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Could I be making the "switch" soon?

I've been talking with several people over the last couple of months about doing freelance work for them. Obviously some have come to fruition as demonstrated by Cary's post over at RedHandedStudios.com, but others have been floating around waiting to get nailed down. One particular person, who shall remain nameless for now, is doing something really great in the tech world and needs a solid comic writer to help him tap into the market. That is where I fit in... Over the last several days, we have pinged back and forth, amassing a lengthy email string discussing possible stories ~ not just one, but a bunch of them. If things come through on that both as a freelance position for me and as a business in general, it could stand to be very lucrative for both of us, which is great! I'll update more as I'm allowed, of course, but for now I'm staying relatively quiet about the details so not to accidentally give away something that's not mine to give away.

Back on the Faction front, KT is finished with the sketches save one, which I should have in my hands this morning at some point. All of the final touches on formatting, bio's, etc, are being finished up today as well, to make sure everything is "purdy" before sending them over to Ian at DimeStoreProductions.com. I'm excited to see what happens with the voting tomorrow!

On other projects, things have been very quiet the last little bit... Denman is working behind the scenes on the horror mini as he has time. Sachin is working on the detective story, finishing up the submission package over the next few days. God, he's fast! There's also potentially another artist in the mix, but I won't name drop at this time... If we work out some details, I'll throw his name out there, because I'm very excited. We're talking about him potentially being the artist for my fantasy book. He is a known artist, having worked for several larger independeng publishers, but he hasn't done fantasy before, so it's a new challenge for him. Anyway, more to come on that front.

That's it from Erik-land for now... Once Ian posts our round 2 stuff on the dimestore site, I'll be sure to share things here, the Faction group on FaceBook, and anywhere else I can get away with it so everyone can check it out.

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