Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Red Handed Studios, Inter-Fan, and SPI

When it rains, it pours, I suppose... Since starting my trek towards getting my comic books published, I have established relationships with several people in the publishing world. Some of those relationships are now "hatching" in a very positive way. Over the last few things a couple of things were "released".

Red Handed Studios ~ Cary Kelly, owner of Red Handed Studios, publisher of the exploits of Justice Theta in Final Justice and soon the misadventures of Dynagirl in her spin-off series, has asked me to join the team as a writer to assist in the Dynagirl ongoing series. I'm extremely excited to jump on board since the team from Cary to the art team are all great both professionally and personally. It is amazing that Cary has recognized my talent just from the few samples I've posted online and I'm excited with the opportunity.

Inter-Fan ~ "Doc", an SPA alum, has officially asked me to be the correspondant and photographer at the San Diego Comic Con this year. We met after I joined Small Press Idol this year and both my knowledge of comics and love for photography make this a natural fit. I look forward to looking at the Con from a small press perspective, taking pictures and meeting people from the SPA, etc... Look for me there!

Small Press Idol 2009 and the SPA (Small Press Association) ~ Round 2 of Small Press Idol starts on April 1st. KT and I are hard at work preparing everything for the "unveil" and significant updates on the DimeStoreProductions web site show us that they are gearing up.

Other Projects ~ Along with Faction at Small Press Idol, my upcoming stint on Dynagirl, and my various "mystery" projects which I always hesitate talk about, I have other projects in the works and some "maybe's" for others. I took on a co-writing gig with someone in FL a while back and we're just getting started on a submission package. That has been an interesting experience since every writer does things a little differently. At the end of the day I feel there is a healthy share of "Erik" in the script despite the fact that it's not my creation. The coming months will bring more information on that. As I mentioned before, a few other companies and people have contacted me about freelance work, so we'll see how those pan out as well.

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