Monday, March 30, 2009

Just two more days until voting begins for SPI Round 2

The sand is running out to turn in submission for Round 2 over at Small Press Idol 2009 ( I find that as things wind down, I'm double checking everything I've written (again and again), looking at the images for clarity and little errors, wondering if I'm writing too much or too little in the bios, etc... At some point you just have to resign yourself to the fact that no matter what you try to do nothing is perfect. The trick is to do your best, put your best foot forward and at some point stop tweaking it. While reworking the pitch for Faction after it was called out as too long by the judges and other forum members, I tooled and re-tooled it. At one point I turned in a concise pitch, but then I lost pertinent information from it, which made some details which were critical to the plot disappear. Point to that is that the more you re-work something, the higher the chance that something that makes it special is going to be unintentionally cut out in the guise of efficiency.

If you're reading this and haven't already done so, please go sign up at the dimestore site... Instructions are in previous posts on my blog, so get over there, sign up, and vote for Faction starting on April 1st. If you're registered, you get one vote per day, so go back daily to vote, it just takes a sec. Thanks!

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