Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How many will it be?

Damn I wish I could list titles on here... It's kind of hard talking about things without talking about them, you know?

1. Faction - Going going going... KT and I email back and forth regularly and I'm a constant presence on the DimeStoreProductions forums just so I can check out the competition and keep in touch with the people there (who are really cool by the way). I'm enjoying the "trip" of the book overall ~ writing, developing, preparing for the next stages, etc... I hope we win, I know the book has the potential, but the experience is priceless.
2. Horror-mini - Deman and I email back and forth fairly regularly with statuses on the art and such. I went through and did another pass on issues 3 and 4 (the script) so I can get some more eyes on it without them getting distracted by my early AM writing.... I make stupid mistakes sometimes at the crack of dawn.
3. Crime, Detective, Noir, whatever you want to call it - Actually I had an artist out of the blue contact me a few weeks ago who NAILED the art style I was looking for on the book... This is the project I have over 130 pages scripted, so I'm excited to find somone who can do what I'm looking for on the book. I had an artist at one point, but we had to part ways. No had feelings, though, there...
4. Fantasy Series - As mentioned before, I may have found an artist for this one. Michael does some absolutely amazing stuff on his site and he's working on my concepts to get the right "feel" for the book. Hopefully we can pull it off because it's one of those stories I HAVE to tell.
5. More... I seem to get regular emails from artists who find old postings on various sites... I have a ton of projects in the pipeline, but only so much time in the day! We'll see if any of the others pan out and we can get something going.

The big question is, I guess, how many submission packages can I get together to send out around SDCC this year? I'm hoping to have a lot of stuff to walk around with at the con, set up appointments with some editors, etc etc etc... wish me luck!

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