Thursday, March 26, 2009

Faction "in print" - available at DimeStore

So, we (round 2 SPI contestants) received a mail today letting us know that there's an SPA (Small Press Association) book being published which also includes a little blurb about each project heading into Round 2. You can download it for free at the link below and it's worth checking out. Ian (Mr. DimeStore) has put together a preview of Pinnacle (another DimeStore book), reviews, and all of the Round 1 submission details for each project as well as links to get to the project sites. Click below to download, but you'll have to sign up to get it even though it's free. Just the name of the game (free to sign up and no spam).

I know I've mentioned this various places like a billion times, but if you haven't already done so, please sign up at so you can vote for Round 2. Faction needs your votes if we are to get to Rounds 3 and 4. No money, just sign up and go on daily starting on April 1st. You get ONE VOTE PER DAY! Thanks!

It's not live yet, but if you are already signed up, starting on April 1st, go to the below link once per day to vote for Faction to win Small Press Idol 2009!

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