Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FACTION - Early bio of Acker Kinney - Epilogue

Oh I lied!!! Well, it's Wednesday in part of the world and Tuesday in others... I'm going to call this my Tues/Wed post....

I found another little bit of Acker's history, a reflection of the world's landscape post 9/11/21. If you haven't already guessed it, I've put a lot of development into how the world operates in 2025. I don't think for a minute the real world will look like I've written it, this IS fiction, but I digress.


I wasn’t around for the aftermath to the attacks, hell I wasn’t even around to bury my parents, but the world had changed. The UN passed mandates over the known world, military presence became a fact of life, as did required enlistment in the military for adults eighteen and over. You could call it a draft, but when something becomes indoctrinated into all major cultures throughout the world, there’s no border jumping that will save you from it and no sense in fighting it. Kids could delay the service if they were in college, but that just meant OCS after college. If 9/11/01 made a nation of patriots, 9/11/21 made a world of people determined to force peace. Problem is that a lot of nations had a different idea of what made for successful peace. Capitalism, our favorite, isn’t palatable to a lot of countries in the world, so socialism spread in come parts of the world while in others the presidents became monarchs, emperors, and permanent peace keepers “until the threats are gone”. We’ve all read the history books, so we knew how much of a crock that was.

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