Saturday, April 25, 2009

Faction - Early Bio of Gabriel Hartmann

Another installment in FF (Faction Facts)...

I wanted to share another image KT did for me back when we first started discussing Faction together. In fact, there is a very good possibility that KT didn't even know that book would be called Faction or details of the story at this point. I have a history (albeit short) of putting artists through a little bit of a trial before I give them details on the story. It protects my ideas and why tell a bunch of people about your ideas who might not work out? Once I saw KT's sketches, though, based on my words I was floored. There is something very organic about his style that I love. If you haven't already done so, you should check out his blog ~

Now, keep in mind that there's a bit more to his character, but I thought I'd go ahead and share that original bio I sent to him... Also, this is from before we considered joining in SPI! This image I received from him on Jan 23rd... It was on Feb 6th when we started talking about working on SPI together. I had, however, considered another book as an entry a few weeks prior, but it didn't work out with that one (book didn't mesh well with the contest criteria and would have given away too much of the plot).

GABRIEL HARTMANN - Gabriel Hartmann – African (as in from Africa), shaved head and clean shaven. 32 Years old, 6'7" tall, 300 lbs of solid muscle. Blocky but handsome face (wider than Acker). He has one pale scar on the left side of his neck where someone tried to slit his throat a handful of years earlier. In his youth he was in the front lines in his country defending his people in a smalle village deep in Nigeria. He has a kindness in his eyes despite his history, but he is unyielding in his wrath if incurred. He is a master of dozens of weapons, hand to hand, ranged weapons, etc, and is an amazing tactician. He tends to wear loose fitting clothes, white linen pants and simple t-shirts or open necked long sleeve shirts (henleys). When he can get away with it, he has a few weapons within easy reach whether it be a gun or two, throwing knives, or a longer blade.

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