Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Horror Mini - Summary of Progress

I haven't given any updates on the horror mini in a while, so I thought I'd go ahead and post the current status of the project. The book was something that from day one I targeted at four issues, plotted it out, brainstormed the heck out of it, created characters, the "world" so to speak (95% takes place at a house), etc, and started scripting. I can say in all honestly that it is my best script to date. I've written a lot since, but my mind still goes back to it. Issue four, the last of it, popped out of my head back in February, so overall I think I was only scripting for about a month or so on this one amongst all of my other projects. Total amongst the four issues, it clocks in a little over 90 pages of intense, character driven, psychological horror. I still need to do a little bit of editing on issues 3 and 4, but both Denman and I believe this is one of those books that when the public gets their hands on it, well... let's just say it will grab their attention. I'm not a hack and slash horror writer, I'd prefer to grab people on a visceral level and put them through something that, I hope, will make them feel when they've finished reading it like they went through the story with the characters, feel for them etc... Here's hoping!

This book was originally what I was going to bring to Small Press Idol with Denman Rooke (the artist), but after discussing it, the nature of the competition would have given away too much of the story before a sequential page was even drawn up, which seemed to defeat the purpose of a book that really needs to be breathed in slowly, not snorted (that sounds sick, doesn't it... hope that made sense). The point stands, though! I think the competition is PERFECT for Faction, but this book would have lost a bit of its punch by giving too much away too soon. So, Denman has been fitting in this book as much as he can given his busy schedule. He's a full time artist, doing everything from web design to commissions AND he's in demand (a good thing and testament to his skills), but, as a result, we haven't gotten quite as far as we'd like by this point. We're still shooting to have a submission package ready by SDCC or before, though!

Anyway, so here's a summary of what we've done so far without giving away plot points.


PAGES... Well, I don't think this gives anything away, so I'll go ahead and actually share something! Just ignore the background, but check out the pencils Denman has put out for this puppy... wow! THIS is why I'm working with him.

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