Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faction - Philosophy, Powers, and Cybernetics Versus Regeneration

Another question/comment from the DimeStore Faction Round 2 forum... As usual, if anyone has any questions about the project, please send them over and I'll do my best to answer without giving the story away (then why would you want to read it?).

Sepulcher wrote ...
So Bard, I was curious. Do you have any plan on how to handle the whole Science versus Fantasy issue in Faction? Some comics I've seen just figure you can have magic and science side by side - others try to explain it away that magic is just a form of science. I've even seen some where the belief in magic or science is what allows that to work within the comic world. From the looks of Faction we have cybernetics but also devine as well as what appears to be demonic magic (the claws baby, the claws).

And that brings up the example in point - why not simply regenerate Acker's arm? Is it more than just coolness factor? (I honestly don't know).

My Response...
Thanks again for the question… As far as pinning down Science versus Fantasy, in the world of Faction they are not directly related. Magic is not another form of science. Though there may be overlapping from time to time, we have the following types of abilities in Faction ~ Science/Technology, Magic/Supernatural, Divine/Demonic, and Mind (Mind magic). If you’ll notice, I have some of them lumped together; this is merely to point out that there’s a spectrum to it and different uses. Obviously Science and Technology can be anything from a theory to a cybernetic arm design. Magic/Supernatural can be a spell cast or the abilities of creatures such as vampires, lycanthropes, zombies, etc, as mentioned in the Blood Lord bio. Divine/Demonic may make you think that I’m merely talking about God and demons, but I’m not. Will I explain more? Not yet… With “mind magic”, depending on your own beliefs and research, you could consider it science or something else (paranormal for example). Personally, I’m keeping it separated.

As far as Acker getting a cybernetic arm versus regeneration/healing or something like that… when you have so many options, how do you choose? Personal philosophy, your own abilities, your faction? The answer for Acker is…not going to be in issue zero, it will be in issue 1 of the comic.

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