Friday, April 3, 2009

Faction - Small Press Idol Commentary and Response

Another little bit of Faction Facts care of the forums...

From Sepulcher:

Hey Bard, thanks for the clarification on the "T". So now since you've proven you're willing to talk to the little folk, I have a second question: The Den-Malignity and the BloodLord are different factions? I know you'll save the differences between them and allegiances and such until the comics, but it's starting to look like 1 good team (society) against lots of bad teams. Was that your purpose? Maybe it is just me but I would think things would be more complicated (in a good way) if both good and bad had to sometimes interact and work together for a common cause. IMO.

And my response:

Sepulcher, thanks for the question!When the lines are drawn as to what faction is on which side of the battle, it’s going to come down to interests, not good or evil. If one side represents chaos and destruction while the other side represents status quo, where would you fall? An evil faction with roots deeply embedded in society would NOT want changes while a good faction which has determined that the world is corrupt, “dirty”, etc, may decide that chaos and destruction is the best course of action.

Bottom line is that I could say “Oh, one of the factions is the Keebler Elves” and you may think, “oh, they’re good, they’ll side with the Society”. Why is that? What purpose would some little elves living in trees have supporting a society that might come and cut down their trees for paper to print comic books? These are the dynamics that are going to be covered in the “political” side of the battle between the factions. Notice how Acker is referred to as an emissary? Every faction is going to have some sort of representation in the ongoing series at different times. Each will represent their faction’s interests, but may have their own personal agenda as well (as in, just because they’re an emissary doesn’t mean they won’t kill you for kicks). On a sad note, since I’m not nice enough to spill the beans on everything, you will not be introduced to a single emissary outside of Acker until Issue 1 of the ongoing series. I’ve already written the issue and the introduction of said emissary has serious implications to the plot.

To comment on your sort of question about the relationship between the Den-Malignity and the Blood Lord. The Blood Lord is not a vampire, lycanthrope, or zombie, but what is he and who is he tied to? I’ll tell you this, he has ties to two factions, one being the Den-Malignity. Why he is not part of that faction, though, is the question…. The Den are a loose group of demons (as “grouped’ as you can consider demons) and their minions. The Blood Lord is not one of those demons and also is not one of their minions. Do I raise more questions than answers? Yep, that’s the point. Ha ha.Here are the factions that have been revealed so far…

1. The Society of the Enlightened – The Knights aren’t the only branch of the Society, just a small part of the overall entity.

2. The Den-Malignity – The powerful demons and minions, such as Emlin and Adam (referred to in Emlin’s bio), are not the only creatures that make up the Den.

3. The Blood Lord – The Blood Lord himself, vampires, werewolves, and zombies all fall under his control as well as other supernatural oddities.

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9. More??? Maybe…

So… thanks for the question and keep asking them if you have more. I’ll answer what I can.Also, please keep in mind that I’m trying to compile these kinds of questions and responses on my blog daily (end of the day or early the next morning). That way everything is all in one place for people to read through.

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