Saturday, April 11, 2009

Faction - Origins and Scope

Another good question from the DimeStore site and my response... A few people are really curious! :)

Sepulcher wrote ...
Bard, anything you can tell us about where most of this story takes place? I mean, is it a globe trotting affair like a big budget movie where you'll hit Rome, New York, etc - or will things center mostly around the middle east, or Europe, or what not? Looking at the Society, Acker is American but all the names the Society has (Asa, etc) sound more like Greek or Latin to me... Just curious.

My response...
To answer your question, the story is globe-trotting, yes. It starts in the Middle East (Acker go boom), moves to Germany, and then around depending on where the various factions might be hiding themselves. The first arc of the story (four issues) will cover primarily Europe, though. As for the names such as "Asa", "Abimael", etc. they're Hebrew, tying back to their names from biblical times.To give you an idea of their origins, take a look below.Acker - AmericanAbigail - FrenchGabriel - AfricanZephan - IsraeliEmlin - GermanLora - EnglishBlood Lord - Most recently? Elsewhere

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