Thursday, April 16, 2009

Faction - Who can do what and how well?

Couple of things today... Another new project in the works it looks like, this time sci-fi, so that's pretty exciting. As usual, no details I'm spilling, but I'm still pretty jazzed about it. If you know me well, you may know what I'm talking about. If not, I'm sorry for continually teasing you, but that's my lot in life... Tease you with some images, little hints, and innuendos and then someday they will or won't get released. ;)

Another thing, If you're reading my blog or watch my blog (you should, it's all the rage), you HAVE To know I'm in Small Press Idol over at I'm not going to plug the "this is how you vote" thing right now, 'cause it's just a few posts down from here, but I will say that you should go over there, join up, and wander around the site. OF COURSE I want you to vote for Faction while you're there, but.... go check out some other stuff, see what DimeStore is all about, etc... I've been around a bit on the web and the people I've met there have been really great. Everyone is super-supportive and, importantly, honest with their criticism if they have any. It's kind of an important thing, you know? Who wants to either get trashed without anything constructive or just have smoke blown up your... well, you know... So, go, vote, and wander. Join in some of the conversations, etc... You may notice some questions, too, popping up in the contestants Round 2 forums. J (haXX0r) and I posted some in our forums today, so if you have a chance, throw your answers in there, too.

As for the Faction "snippet" today, here we go!

Sepulcher wrote....
Bard, thanks for the magica info. So like science, does that mean anyone has the "potential" to use one magic or another, or is it a got it/don't got it gift like eye color?

My response....
Another good question, actually.

Technically, anyone “can” learn just about anything in my world, it’s just how easily it will come to them. If you have an astrophysicist, for example, they might have a tough time wrapping their mind around the concept of magic (to geek out for a second, if you read some issues of Fantastic Four last year or the year before, you may have seen Reed Richards learn magic by applying a scientific approach to it… Not in my world). This is just like you wouldn’t expect someone with a fourth grade education to pick up some wires, a battery, and scrap metal to design a plasma rifle (no, soldiers aren’t running around with those). So, basically, some people can dabble in just about anything, but a “natural” could surpass them easily. Notice my name on here has “Bard” in it, so I like the idea of people being able to dabble in what they want. Each of the Knights has certain natural talents that carry over from life to life, but depending on what they’ve done this time around, they may have learned other things. Now one disclaimer… Average Joe from the suburbs isn’t going to “learn” how to do things that, say, a vampire does. ;)

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