Friday, June 5, 2009

Faction - An ad that might start circulating around...

So, I made this for a promotion Sam Johnson, one of the judges in SPI, is going to do on his personal web space, the SPI Soap Box. Enjoy!

I know you've all heard it a billion times and that's just today, but Faction is in jeopardy of NOT making it to Round 4. Please sign up, sign in, and vote for Faction. Instructions below!

Below are the instructions to vote for Faction:
1. Sign up -
2. Sign in -
3. Go to -, the Faction Round 3 Forum.
4. Click "Yes - As a fellow creator I support this" or "Yes - I am a fan and want to read more".
5. Click "Submit"
6. Vote daily through June 8th.

Erik Hendrix

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