Monday, June 8, 2009

Faction - And now we take a nap... Phew!

So, the polls are officially closed for Small Press Idol 2009 Round 3. I'm sitting in front of my computer the morning after, exhausted but more pleased than I could ever imagine. Voters turned out in record numbers for a lot of the projects, the site was bogged down by the traffic of curious onlookers, I had people calling, emailing, texting, PM'ing me, and hovering around waiting to see what would happen at the last minute. In the end, Faction continued to make plays for the top spot, but was edged out barely to the second slot. Impressively, the White Rose managed to tie with the Underground for third place, coming from behind in the last days of the competition to dance with that number 3 spot.

Keep in mind that the nummbers aren't final yet, though! There are some calculations that need to be done, investigations finished, etc, so the top 3-4 may change around a little bit, and they may not. Also, there's a chance that the top 3 in Round 4 may turn into the top 4 in Round 4. It all depends on what the results show.

Remember... If you voted even once in round 3, you are partially responsible for the success of ANY project you voted for. For those who voted for Faction, I thank you and Arnie thanks you.

Keep an eye out at the site for Idol results, Faction news, etc... Also check back here for recaps and if you'd like to see more on the Faction journey, check out my web site ~

Erik Hendrix


  1. you're listed as number 1 on the site. great work and congratulations!

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it Denman! Tired, but looks like it paid off!