Monday, June 15, 2009

Faction and other things!

Sorry for being quiet the last few days... After round 3 ended, sleep and catching up on other things took a bit of a priority over the blog. Hopefully you guys understand. ;)

So, after much ado, analysis, etc, Faction ended up in the top slot of Round 3, much like what happened in Round 2!

1.) 1320 Votes - 218 Voters Faction - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
2.) 1292 Votes - 279 Voters The White Rose - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
3.) 1289 Votes - 213 Voters Varsity Squad - Judges Vote: 2 Yes.
4.) 1276 Votes - 230 Voters The Underground - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.

There were allegations of foul play which threatened to tarnish the top projects, but in the end it appears that just a handful of voters were tied to a random comic shop and not to a particular contestant, although some votes had to be removed from the count. Afterwards, as you can see, Faction took the top spot only by 28 votes, which, in the scheme of the competition, isn't really that many (phew).

Round 4 is coming in just about a month... actually 1 month from today, come to think of it! This round will actually be a printed comic, which we're really excited about. Full color cover with our logo, our designs, etc... Interior is black and white, 12 pages of Faction-y goodness. The three pages from round 3 are included, but they may look a bit different when all is said and done after Arnie works in his re-imagined visions of Acker, Abigail, Gabriel, and Emlin. So be prepared for a jaw-dropping Faction experience!

In other news, I finished my first full story worth of lettering this weekend. Roger Wilbanks and I are working on a couple of anthology submissions together and the first, Just a Cup of Coffee, was finished up on Saturday evening and sent over to Jim Main. It will appear in Satyr #9, published in mid-late July. It clocks in at 9 pages and, depending on the feedback, will probably spawn a set of follow ups on the main character. If the name Just a Cup of Coffee sounds familiar, then you've been reading my blog for a while! It's one of my sample scripts you can read on this blog... Some of the dialogue has switched around a bit, but it's the same story and was a blast to produce.

That's it for now!

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