Monday, June 1, 2009

Faction - Page Eight, Panel 2 script and analysis

Oops! Looks like I missed a day. Doh! Today is Page Eight, Panel 2... enjoy!

Panel 2. Slightly different POV as Acker hits the ground. Abigail, spell forgotten, is lunging towards Acker. Gabriel is following through with his lunge, leaning forward. Elam is pushing forward, right talon first, ripping into Gabriel’s side, but moving past at the same time.

But as it was, I could feel the life draining from me. I decided at this point, somewhere in the back of my head that explosions hurt less than talons ripping into your spine.

You may notice that the wording has changed around a little bit in this panel. Once the words hit paper, something just didn't feel right, so I moved around the captions a bit between panels. The first part, "but as it was, I could feel the life draining from me" went into panel 1 on this page and the rest stayed in panel 2. Also seemed like there were just too many words for one panel's caption. One thing I enjoyed, too, was figuring out which words to emphasize with larger text (as I mentioned before, this font did not have a bold option, so I opted to make certain words bigger for emphasis). In the script, I had some words in bold, but as I was reading through it, other words popped out. The action between Elam/Emlin and Gabriel is a little different than I wrote, kind of a Matrix style move on Elam/Emlin's part, but I'm cool with it... again, artistic interpretation that made sense in context.


  1. great, now you're showing my art over here to? i can't keep up.....


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