Saturday, May 30, 2009

Faction - Small Press Idol - Current Standings and impact

So, it's been a while since I've really talked about the impact of Small Press Idol, so I'm going to go ahead and talk about it once again! Small Press Idol is the American Idol of Comic Books, allowing creators to get together, compete, and walk away with something tangible. For most people, it's a slot in the Mysterious Visions Anthology. For a few, it's a zero issue... For one, it's a cash prize and a four issue limited series published by

There's so much more to the competition, too... Through it, every creator has been exposed to tens of thousands of people. Even if it was a quick click through the Idol page where they see our names, it's more than they had the day before. If they go into the forums, look at the artwork, read about the story, etc, all the better.

For me with Faction and my other projects even, SPI has been QUITE a blessing. I've met a ton of great creators, some of whom would like to work with me on other projects (thanks to Michael as one example), with some it's just networking, and also other people I've met could leave to actual paying gigs! Go figure. ha ha...

So, for Faction.... What do we want from this? Well to win, of course! Round 3 is in full swing now, just a week and a day worth of voting left. The top 3 projects (of 20) get their own Zero issue which WILL BE PUBLISHED... That's great! The sales of that zero issue, in true capitalistic fashion, will determine who wins the whole shebang!

We've got 8 days worth of voting, so bring on the votes! ha ha... Seriously, though, if you haven't been voting for whatever reason, please take the opportunity to sign up, sign in, and vote for your favorite projects by clicking "YES - I am a fan and want to see more" in the the project's round 3 forum. You can vote daily AND you can vote for more than one project per day. Personally, I vote for a few. Of course I would like Faction to win, but there are some other projects I feel are worthy of a cover slot in the Anthology (a few who don't make the top 3 get that) and another I wish could get to the top 3 because I love the book. Do I want to lose to the book? Well, no... but I still like it!

Below are the standings as of this morning.... As you can see, Faction is just below the top slot and based on daily votes, there are a couple of projects making a play for the top. Please help in getting Faction to the top and keeping us there! If a handful of people who aren't currently voting chip in and vote daily through the next week, it could make the difference between first, second, third, and fourth place. If we drop to Fourth place, Faction's journey ends WAY too early... I want the chance to show you why Faction will make a great four issue series, why it would make a great ongoing series, etc... Can't do that without your votes!

1.) 485 Votes (+55) - 114 Voters ( +6) Varsity Squad - Judges Vote: 2 Yes.
2.) 476 Votes (+62) - 123 Voters ( +3) Faction - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
3.) 392 Votes (+70) - 149 Voters ( +2) The Underground - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.

************** *********The Line for #0/R4 Contention********** *******************
4.) 384 Votes (+41) - 129 Voters ( +5) Steel Rising - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
5.) 334 Votes (+56) - 158 Voters ( +2) The White Rose - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
6.) 298 Votes (+37) - 99 Voters ( NC) Hometown Heroes - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
7.) 251 Votes (+20) - 81 Voters ( NC) The Associate - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
8.) 248 Votes (+33) - 75 Voters ( NC) The Machine - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
9.) 233 Votes (+24) - 143 Voters (2NC) Maddie Scientist - Judges Vote: 2 No.
**************** ********The Line for Cover Projects************ ******************
10.) 220 Votes (+14) - 69 Voters ( NC) Diary of a Teenage Heroine - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
11.) 157 Votes ( +8) - 49 Voters ( +1) Dogman and Lester - Judges Vote: 2 No.
12.) 112 Votes (+25) - 68 Voters ( NC) The Doorknob Society - Judges Vote: 3 No.
13.) 83 Votes ( +7) - 57 Voters (2NC) Haxxor - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
14.) 62 Votes (+10) - 50 Voters ( NC) Boulder Colorado - Judges Vote: 3 Yes.
15.) 47 Votes (+10) - 53 Voters ( NC) Mr. Man - Judges Vote: 2 Yes.
16.) 10 Votes ( +2) - 30 Voters ( +1) Project Mercury - Judges Vote: 3 NO.
17.) Earthman - Has taken Ill, will eventually be a back up feature.
17.) Dead Duck - Needs personal time, will eventually be a back up feature.
17.) Monsters of Love - Did not turn in pages, will eventually be a back up feature.
17.) Nevil Von Dunst - Did not turn in pages, will eventually be a back up feature.

Ok, so you look at the numbers and think, what does this mean, right? LOL, I know... The first number is how many votes people have right now. The little (+XX) is how many votes they got yesterday... There are two projects heading towards the top who may not have gotten a huge number more votes than Faction yesterday, but if you look through the history, they climbed from the bottom to where they are today in just a few days. Could they unseat Faction in the top 3? Please help prevent that by voting.

As for how to do it, here's the scoop yet again, but basically, it's go to the web site, sign up, sign in, go to the Round 3 forum for Faction, click "YES - I am a fan and want to see more", and then click "Submit". Vote once per day through June 8th.

1. Sign up -
2. Sign in -
3. Go to -
4. Click "Yes - As a fellow creator I support this" or "Yes - I am a fan and want to read more".
5. Click "Submit"

Please help me to keep Faction in the top 3 and, heck, while you're at it, let's make a statement! If everyone who watches my Faction blog even throws one vote in, if everyone in the Faction Comic group on Facebook throws one vote in.... geez, that would just be staggering... Give it a try, let's break some records like we did in Round 2 (we did, by the way, if you didn't hear).

Thanks for reading the ramble!!!!!!

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