Friday, May 29, 2009

Faction - Page Seven, Panel 5 script and analysis

And today... Page Seven, Panel 5!

Panel 5. View from the side as Elam cuts across Acker’s back with her talons, ripping deep. Acker is arching his back from the blow, mouth opened to scream into the air.

ACKER (Yelling):

It felt like it cut me to my spine. A wound like that can paralyze you… if it doesn’t kill you.

In this panel, the wording changed around a little bit because after reading it like a billion times, a couple of little changes made sense. This is one nice thing about lettering your own book ~ you get the last crack at finalizing dialogue and captions! Another fun thing to learn was doing the "AHHHH". Not as easy as it looks! Cary Kelley AKA Mr. Fallen Justice answered a TON of questions for me around the time I was mulling over joining SPI, sent me some tutorials and such. End result was hours of trying to figure out what the heck said tutorials were talking about! I have an old version of Illustrator, so some things DID and some things DID NOT work. In the end, though, I had the text looking like I wanted to and I didn't have to use "canned" SFX. Nothing wrong with them, but it's kind of cool when you can tailor SFX to wrap around your character. As for the artwork, I couldn't have asked for more... I liked the addition of Abigail in the panel (not in the description) with her "oh dead" face on, covering her mouth. That one cracked me up.

Hope you guys are enjoying the "behind the scenes" look at Faction... It has been fun writing, actually, because while you're going through the process, you're just doing it, not really thinking about WHY, it's just about what feels right at the end of the day.

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