Thursday, May 21, 2009

Faction - Page Six Panel 1 script and analysis

So, a couple of days ago, I decided I’d share the script itself for the three pages panel by panel… Keep in mind there was a bit of artistic interpretation on Arnie’s part, which is cool, and some other things are based on discussions. Elam is Emlin, but the way… her other name.

Page 6.
Panel 1. The yellow light has diffused throughout the room now revealing a pretty but extremely pale Elam, thin and deadly, still holding the black sword, which in the holy light is smoking slightly. She is mid-swing with her sword, but yanked partially back as Acker grabs her by the neck from behind with his left arm. He is leaning back, pulling her upper torso close. Abigail is making a reaching motion with her right hand towards the woman, but hasn’t connected yet while Gabriel is pulling his sword back, ready to swing again.

I don’t know what in blazes you are, but I’m guessing you’re not here for my sponge bath.

-- that thing was evil.

This is obviously NOT from the first page, as Spyros pointed out in the forums. This is the first panel in Page Six. What happens before this point you’ll have to wait and see. Two important things to note in here… One is the ‘holy light’. This is Abigail’s power, or at least one of them. So when you see her messing around with her hands or little geometric shapes and such, she’s using her light based powers in some way. In this case, the light which illuminates all of them in the room is also causing Emlin’s sword to smoke. Acker is a no nonsense guy… Whether he’s missing part of an arm or not, he’s not about to sit idle while there’s some freakish looking lady and other weird things going on in HIS hospital room. Can’t get a good night’s sleep, grumble grumble…

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