Sunday, May 3, 2009

Small Press Idol, Vegas, and Writing like a Madman

My wife and I escaped for Vegas on the last day of Small Press Idol Round 2. It wasn't a statement, just timing. My wife had a couple of days off in a row, so off we went! My intent was to take some time over the weekend and get some writing done... I have several projects I need to get some pages written, but... well.... yeah, that didn't happen. As soon as we arrived at the Cal (the California off of Fremont St in the old strip - best place to be IMHO). We were there for maybe 15 minutes, hopped on our first machine and BAM, my wife won $400! Nice! So, we were able to do some more gambling over the weekend and some shopping. There was also an awesome Hawaiian festival in one of the parking lots by the Cal celebrating May Day.

Anywho, writing writing writing... With Small Press Idol, KT is hard at work on the art for Round 3... I, of course, am still trying to teach myself lettering with Cary on speed dial to ask questions. Ok, not speed dial, but you get what I mean. He knows what he's doing and he responds to emails which makes him #1 in my book. As for other things, I had a BRILLIANT idea for a new story while on the road heading to Vegas late at night. Everyone in the car was asleep around 8pm and the ideas started flowing. I had to nudge my wife awake and I had her text things to me so I wouldn't forget them. A few other ideas popped in my head over the weekend, too, but the one... dude, I wish I was the sharing type! Sorry about that! I did manage to brainstorm on some other projects, too, but nothing substantial.

I suppose this weekend was a much needed break for Faction fans (thanks for tolerating my posts), my wife, and I... People have asked me when I sleep and I started to wonder that myself over the last couple of weeks of the competition. Geez, it was definitely like Ian said, a marathon, not a sprint. In the end my lead managed to keep me on top as well as the dedication of my voters, but I'm expecting Round 3 to be a COMPLETELY different ballgame.

That's it for now! Expect some exciting things in the coming weeks and look forward to being impressed by our Round 3 submission on May 18th!

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