Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ramble on....

Ok, not totally comic book related... actually not comic book related at all, but finally catching up on AI with the wife. Rock night... yeah... Night started off wrong with Kara (sp?) wearing this studded leather thing. Is she rock or is she pop? Rocker or wanna be? I would dare say, oh no, total wanna be... Of course you can't exactly have rock and American Idol together now can you? Pop show (with very few artist exceptions over the years) trying to "rock out". I dig Slash and give him props for showing up on there, though. I'm guessing (haven't watched it yet) that he must be performing on the show tonight (Wednesday) or he wouldn't be on the show. I don't care how much success he's had in GNR or Velvet Revolver, I wouldn't dare ever call Slash a sell out or anything. He's a world class blues based rock god, period. Just getting that cleared up... I don't care if he riffs for Michael Jackson, he's still ok in my book (that's Slash is ok in my book, not MJ).

Anywho, in Small Press Idol news... KT is still working on art, I'm still stressing on lettering, and I'm excited for Round 3 to start up!

In other project news... Something is getting ready to "pop" that I'm excited about. I should have another artist I'm working with on something special. A few people out there may have an idea of what I'm talking about, but I'm not spilling! Let's just say that it involves a character inspired by my wife and an artist who I haven't spoken with in months but seemed to be a perfect fit for the project. :P

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