Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Faction - Page Seven Panel 2 Script and Analysis

And.... today it's Page 7, Panel 2!


Panel 2. View from the bed looking towards Acker, Gabriel, and Abigail. Abigail is talking, but Gabriel is looking down at Elam, not visible from the angle, his sword pointed down towards her. Acker is shaking his head in disbelief. Beyond them, the black sword is still on the ground, smoking in the light.

Monsieur, we are from the Society of the Enlightened. We were sent to watch over you.

Ok, so Elam / Emlin IS visible in the panel, but I like the kind of bird's eye view Arnie came up with on this one. I agree it works better both because it's different and it offers a view of everyone in the panel without taking up too much space. Not a lot to comment about here, actually... I just like how it turned out. I look forward to the end product, hopefully with some smoking from the black sword. Notice that the light in the room centers on Abigail? And that's how it should be. ;)

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