Saturday, May 30, 2009

Faction - Page Eight, Panel 1 script and analysis

And today.... Page 8, panel 1... enjoy!

PAGE EIGHT (Six Panels)

Panel 1. Acker is falling over sideways from the wound and the force of Elam’s blow. Gabriel is lunging forward towards Elam with his sword, catching her in the side, cutting deep, but not killing her. Abigail is moving her hands around to start another spell.

ABIGAIL (Yelling):

If I wasn’t busy bleeding out, I would’ve yelled something; probably “I’m not Asa!”

This was an interesting panel for me. Every character is doing something a little different, you know? We see Acker's back and you might wonder "where's the blood?" Well, this isn't color. :) Kind of like with Elam / Emlin's eyes, they were supposed to be red and the marks on Acker's back should be as well. Personally, I like the effect, it reminds me of some of the comics that got me into the medium (another Marvel nod, actually). As far as the "Asa" this, "Asa" that, well, the Knights all know each other by these Hebrew names. When they are brougt into the Knights, their memories extend back for hundreds of years and they have always known each other as those names, so they often call each other by it. Consider it a code name if it makes it easier for you. As far as Acker is concerned, though, I'd be asking, "What the heck is an Asa?"

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