Monday, May 25, 2009

Faction - Page Seven Panel 1 Script and Analysis

And now we're digging into page 7 AKA Page 2 from the Round 3 submission (does that sound confusing to anyone else?).


Panel 1. View from the center of the room looking towards the bed where Acker has laid out Elam. Acker is starting to get up, twisting to look towards Gabriel. Acker’s face is stern, alert, ALIVE for the first time since waking up in the hospital, a glimmer, a threat of vengeance in his eyes. Gabriel is walking towards them, leading with his sword, but it’s pointed down towards Elam. Based on the angle, Abigail isn’t visible.

I don’t know who the hell you guys are, but it’s time to start explaining.

For the first time since being injured, I was me again.

Ok, first difference is really just the fact that Abigail IS in the panel and my description says she's not. One worry here is that with page to page continuity, people might wonder "where did she go?" and when it comes down to it, what's the harm in having her in the shot?

You know, I have to mention that I really dug doing the lettering on this page in particular. Notice how some of the fonts are bigger? Well, the particular font that was used doesn't have a bold, so I used a larger size to emphasize the words. Also, I only really put one word in bold in my writing, but as I was lettering, some other words popped out, so I made them bigger, too.

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