Thursday, May 7, 2009

Unfiltered - From concept to comic

A few months ago I entered some little contest on CBR looking for character concepts. I threw Unfiltered into the mix... Did I win? Well, no I didn't, but that's no big deal. I was confident of the concept and I kept it on the back burner, but now it's going into production. I'll reveal more information as time moves forward, but Jason Baroody of Ten Ton Studios has signed on to draw the book, so there we go! Of course, hmmm.... I have to write the script, but I've got a lot of info to work from, so that's just a mere technicality... Well, if you know how my brain works, you wouldn't be worried.

Below is the original concept for Unfiltered. Things are changing a little bit, there's a decent cast of characters, etc, but this will give you an idea of what she's all about.


Elyse Reynolds is Unfiltered. Born and raised in the humdrum world, educated to be just another cog in the machine, Elyse was bored with life; she just didn’t know it yet. While working in a biotech firm on the next generation of biochemical weapons for the military, Elyse managed to knock over their latest untested nerve agent and several other containers, while walking through cold storage. She died, or so everyone thought. When she awoke, it was to the darkness of a coffin, pitch black and claustrophobic. “I have to get out,” she thinks to herself after her voice is gone from too much screaming. She pushes with her hands, willing the pressure to lift off of her and her psychokinesis kicks in, blowing a hole above her through the coffin and dirt. Arising from the grave, born again, Elyse Reynolds is determined that she’s not going to waste this second chance at life. Since everyone thinks she’s dead, she changes everything, reinventing herself into someone who does what they want when they want, so good luck if you get in their way. Tattoos, punk rock, sex, drugs, and superpowers… this is Unfiltered. Armed with various psychic abilities unlocked by her exposure to a nerve agent cocktail and a sharp wit, Elyse will be damned if she’s going to let anyone, especially criminals, get in her way of a good time.

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  1. Sounds downright hardcore and fun. I look forward to seeing this hit print. I recently found you through my friend, Glenn and I have to say I am glad I did. I look forward to seeing more of your fine work.