Saturday, May 23, 2009

Faction - Page Six Panels 3 & 4 Script and Analysis

Ok, another day another panel... East Coast it's technically Sunday, but it's still Saturday by my watch. :)

Page 6
Panel 3. Angle changes to focus on the doorway, which Acker is flying through. He contorts his body slightly, twisting in the air.

-- a throw is a throw.

Panel 4. Angle changes again to focus on Acker rotated and hitting the ground, feet planted, knees bent, and left arm on the ground. He’s looking through the door at Elam (OP).

In training, they threw all sorts of styles your way to see what stuck.

Now we take a look at this and see... wait a second panel 3 is missing! ha ha... There's only so much you can fit into a page. Arnie made a couple of artistic choices on the page I was totally cool with and respect. Heck, I'm confident with what I wrote, but if he feels the action needs to play out slightly different, we talk about it and the result could be what I originally envisioned, what he was thinking, or somewhere in between. I wouldn't be surprised at all if by the time the 12 pages are finished, every page is somewhere in between. Now the "a throw is a throw" thing... Acker is a Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine if you ask any lifer). For him it's all about economy of motion, economy of words, etc.... As a writer, could I have written something more profound? Sure! The caption, though, contains the character's words, not mine. When we're writing, we have choices to make about the "voice" of the book. With Faction, Acker is the voice for the book... I've lived around Marines most of my life, so I couldn't in good conscience take this guy, in the military from a young age, no degree, living and working around others in the military, and give him the vocabulary and grammar of a college professor. ;)

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