Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Faction - Page Seven Panel 3 Script and Analysis

Today it's Page Seven, Panel 3!

Panel 3. Slightly different angle, same people on the panel, but Elam is visible on the ground, her body hasn’t moved, but her eyes are open, starting to turn colors again towards the fiery orange red they were when she was blackened by a spell. Acker is pointing towards the door with his left hand (of course), looking frustrated. Abigail and Gabriel are looking to Acker, not understanding why he’s arguing with them.

Just get out of here, both of you; I don’t need your Society. I don’t need anyone.

You saw that creature; it was just the first, Asa. More will come.


Come with us and all will be clear. You are one of us.

I love the expressions and body language of Abigail and Gabriel in this panel. The words may kind of get the point across, but the body language says, "come on man, chill out!" This panel I think pretty much covers what I wrote in the script (go figure :P). Notice that Elam/Emlin in the script has her eyes open. What ended up in the submission doesn't make it 100% obvious that her eyes are open... this is where some color would do us some good, huh?

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