Sunday, May 24, 2009

Faction - Page Six Panels 5 & 6 Script and Analysis

Another day (for me), so more panels... thanks for the support from everyone, by the way! We managed to climb to 3rd place!

Page 6

Panel 5. View from the door looking into the room. Gabriel is engaged with Elam in the center of the room, sword to sword (Elam’s black sword is still smoking) and Abigail is staying out of the way. Acker, looking very annoyed, bursts into the room, running towards her, ready to tackle her like a quarterback.

Me, I always preferred football to karate.

Panel 6. Acker running into Elam, left shoulder first, pushing her back towards the bed on the opposite side of the room. Her sword, still smoking, is just out of her hand, falling towards the ground.

It worked in high school against receivers, so why not against her?

So, you'll notice the first image is from yesterday and the second is new... After seeing the pages, I ended up moving around the captions forward or back a panel, whatever felt right based on the action in the image. Sometimes it just comes down to space, other times it's the action. Since Arnie added a transitional panel in there, I had a little more room to work with, so I spread out the captions and then on the last panel on the page, I put two captions, one at the top left and one at the bottom right... felt right. One thing I really love about the last image on Page 6 is that I REALLY get the feeling like he's doing a full on football tackle. Despite all of the things he was exposed to, Acker still resorsts to tricks he learned in high school to take down the opposition.

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