Friday, May 22, 2009

Faction - Page Six Panel 2 Script and Analysis

Another day, another panel...

Page 6
Panel 2. Slightly different POV as Elam pulls Acker forward, throwing him towards the doorway limply. Gabriel and Abigail twist to avoid the flying body.

ELAM (Yelling):

As I flew through the air, my training kicked in. A little challenging without an arm, but --

Now, first off with the description of the panel itself. Notice it indicates only a slightly different POV than the panel before. Here's where Arnie's experience really kicked in. He added a panel to show Elam/Emlin grabbing Acker's wrist and then flipped the perspective from what I was thinking so Acker is flying towards us instead. I think this ended up much more effective, so I'm not complaining. As for Elam AKA Emlin's comment "We will have this one's skin!"... No, she's not royalty, she's a den-spawn and is actually Tied to a demon, which gives her several abilities. One of those? Super strength, thus why Acker is getting hurled...

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