Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Faction - Page Eight, Panel 3 script and analysis

Here we go! I got up reeeaaalllyyyy early this morning, but ran out of time to post...

Panel 3. View from the bed looking down slightly (part of the door still visible). Acker is on the ground, sideways, gasping for breath. Abigail is kneeling down beside him and Gabriel is turning towards Elam, who is almost out the door, running away.

Non, ce n’est pas possible…

ABIGAIL (whisper):
Asa, I won’t lose you again.

You take care of him; I’ll finish this.

ABIGAIL (yelling):

If you’ve got to die, go in an explosion.

Here's a case of there just not being enough room on the page to cover everything I wrote. I love how Arnie split it into two panels to separate the emotions between them. First is Abigail touching Acker with the back of her hand tenderly, saying so much without a word. The whispering helps to accent that as well. The panel following, though, "GO!" and the action of Elam / Emlin in motion. Dig it.

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