Saturday, June 6, 2009

Faction - Page Eight Panels 5 & 6 - Script and Analsysis

Sorry for the delay! I know I said I'd do one panel per day but with the retooling of my personal web site ( and such, I got a bit distracted. Other tasks came up, we'll just leave it at that. :)

Anyway, though, without further delays!

Panel 5. View from Abigail’s POV looking down on Acker, who looks miserable, in pain, and now unconscious. She’s pressing the fingers she kissed onto his lips. A glow has started to spread from the spot where she’s touching him, spreading out, warm and healing.

ABIGAIL (whisper):
Sleep well, mon amore.

Panel 6. Black.

-- As you die…

Ok, so the image in Panel 5 isn't actually as I described it, but it wasn't necessary since we had just seen Asa's... shoot, I mean Acker's face from Abigail's perspective a few panels before. I actually think Arnie did a great job capturing the essence of what I was going for in the cropped fingers on the lips image. This has become one of my single favorite panels Arnie has drawn both for its skill and simplicity. I love the inking effect, showing us that light is coming off of Abigail's hands. As far as the lettering goes, I was going for a simple transition between Abigails normal speach and her "magic" as she casts a spell of sorts on Acker, delivered with her fingers. The point I wanted to convey is that since she's a Knight with countless lifetimes of experience under her belt, a simple spell cause no delay or effort on her part to get started. Hope that came off... As for the final panel, well, the black speaks for itself. Looking at the script, you'll notice Abigail says something I chose to leave out of the final page. Why? Well, I think the silence brings more of a sense of drama to it. You have to wonder, is he really dead? Besides that, the placement of the caption on that black panel was probably the most difficult decision... As in, it wasn't difficult.

Hopefully you've all enjoyed the gradual 3 page analysis!!!!

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