Monday, June 29, 2009

Faction and other things...

It's coming! July 15th is the big day where you can get your copy of Faction 0... That day CAN'T come quickly enough for me... Arnie is still working on the artwork and I've got the script burning a hole in my pocket... go go go!

On to other things, some big things are brewing behind the scenes and I'm working with some different people under a common banner to see how things go. Power to the people! We figure we can carpet bomb the industry with some amazing books and people can't help but notice, right? Besides Faction, there are several books we're looking at sticking under one umbrella. I won't say more than that right now, but it should be a VERY good thing for us and for the fans. We'll changing the rules here and I'm not apologizing.

Have a nice night all! My wife is just getting off work (any second now), so I'm getting dinner started... Just got home from the train myself.

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