Saturday, June 20, 2009

Other stuff, rambling, Vegas, Illustrator, and the unconscious mind

Good morning all! So to our left here, you'll see a single panel... It's a sample from the upcoming release, "Just a Cup of Coffee", which will appear in the Main Enterprises Anthology, "Satyr" #9, in late July. The script started with the sample you can check out in my "Writing Samples - Scripts" section to your right and down a bit... Things have changed a tad with the story. Roger Wilbanks, a great artist I met through Facebook of all places is doing the art and I really dig what he came up with. There's something that just kind of works with his style and more "slice of life" stories. You'll see what I mean in a little over a month and a half. If you want me to let you know when it's released, just send me a message and I'll let you know. It's 9 pages and based on the reception we've received so far, I don't think this is the end for the main character!

Vegas is in my wife and my immediate future... Her brother is getting married on
Monday (congrats to him), so we're heading up as soon as Amanda gets off work. Never look forward to the drive itself, though. We hit about half way and I start thinking we should already be in Nevada and, alas, I'm wrong! We'd much rather drive up on Saturday afternoon, though, than Sunday early morning since you get so wiped out from the trip.

Other things... Do any of you have a Zune? Personally I dig both the device and software better than anything else on the market. Mainly it's the actual software that does it for me more than anything else. It recognizes when you have 50 copies of the same song, gives you a lot of control over when your Zune device will and will not synch with your computer. Heck, I haven't hooked my Zune up to the computer in more than a week to update my plays (it tracks what you're listening to and gives you badges and such based on bands, albums, songs, etc). Usually, I listen to music while I do ANYTHING... Right now, actually, I'm listening to a Tears for Fears bootleg from 1990. Point, though... For some odd reason Zune and Adobe don't jive very well. I've got this ancient copy of PhotoShop I purchased, God, like 11 or 12 years ago, maybe longer, back when I was making web sites in my spare time. If the Zune software has been started since your computer was turned on (5 minutes or 5 hours ago), Photoshop won't start up, even if I've turned off the Zune software. Annoying, huh? So, music and I go together with anything else I do and I can't listen to what I want while I'm creating. Sucks!

Anywho, what else is going on? Umm.... Well, of course I'm still working on a ton of projects, including Faction, but I've had this problem recently where I've been so tired from working my day job and helping with some other endeavors (comic related, but not writing) that I've been to exhausted to write! Now THAT is frustrating! My mind is still at work, though, and new ideas keep coming, but having the time and energy to get them scripted is often a different story.

Oh, on the project note, I'm happy to announce that Robert Rath has agreed to draw Texan Monk, which will be released through a "different" channel in a couple of months. Same medium as Unfiltered, so if you're "in the know", you'll know what medium I'm talking about. I'll share some images at some point here, too... Robert is very skilled at what he does and has really captured the flavor of what I'm going for with the story.

That's it for now!

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