Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Faction - Page Eight Panel 5 script and analysis

And today... Page Eight, Panel 5 (4 in the script)

Panel 4. View from Acker’s POV on the ground looking up at Abigail, beautiful in the warm yellow of the room. She is looking down on him, lovingly, seeing someone she knows intimately, tears streaming down her face. Beyond, Gabriel is running out of the room after Elam. She’s kissing the tips of her index and middle finger on her right hand.

Stay with me, my Asa, stay…

ACKER (whisper):
I’m not Asa…

ABIGAIL (whisper):
Shhhh… you are. You will understand soon enough.

SFX (small):

Of course explosions don’t have a beautiful young woman looking lovingly at you --

I like how this one turned out. I switched around where Abigail's magic spell comes out to the next panel because it seemed to flow better to me. I can recall being very impressed with the angle Arnie chose to stick the image, too. Not much else to say on this one!

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