Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bearded Lady, Faction, Unbeatables, Secret Projects, and the future

Most of you guys probably don't know this, but with fellow creator Michael Nelsen and some other people who are hanging out in the peripheral, we've formed Bearded Lady with a home on the web at BeardedLadyOnline.com. The goal of Bearded Lady is to gather Dreamers, Creators, Writers, and Artists under a common banner to do everything from self publishing comics to submission packages for major publishers to being what amounts to creative consultants (I do some of that now). As for the name, it ties to a couple of projects we're working on, I'll just leave it at that.
The image on this post is the cover to Unbeatables, something Michael Nelsen and I cooked up. We're not 100% sure where the book is going to end up, but we're confident people are going to love it! It's an over the top book which pays homage to our comic book roots, 60's - 80's Marvel Comics. We're proud of the idea and where it's going... the first script is written and there are TONS of notes we've written up on where the story is going from there.

As I mentioned there are a few people in the mix, but I'm not at liberty to discuss who they are until we get closer to an official launch. In the meantime, you can check out some of the artwork from various projects on the site. Since we're working on submission packages, some of the information on projects is pretty vague, but there's still something to look at!

We're very excited to be working together and are jazzed at all of the ideas coming to mind for projects and packages. The first book that we're self publishing isn't going to be too far away, maybe a couple of months... We'll see how that goes. Since Michael and I are both working on Faction, you could call Faction a Bearded Lady book, too! Faction's home on the web has already migrated to the site ~ http://www.beardedladyonline.com/Faction
As usual, if you haven't picked up a copy of Faction... go get 'em!

There's a store on there as well, where you can check out some of the books we have for sale and other items. Since we don't have our own store yet, each links to another site, but at least you can access them all from one location.


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