Friday, August 7, 2009

Faction - Status, reviews, and request for reviewers

Pleasant surprise this morning as I saw that Faction has taken the lead in SPI Round 4. You'll notice that I don't do a lot of posting in regards to the competition itself... Well, from my other posts, I do think that since we have a book in print, it's all about the book, not the contest, and since votes for the contest are counted by number of copies sold, that makes it a little easier. ;)

Let me explain a little about how this works... There are two numbers calculated, number of purchasers and number of copies. So, I could go and buy 100 copies, but I'm just one person, so that average will get diluted so no one person can throw the results of the competition. I actually think that's great because it puts things in the hands of the people more than any other method. So, below, you'll see that the #2 book has sold more physical copies, but between print and download, only 7 people have purchased versus Faction's 14.

1.) Copies: 14 (+5) - [Mail:1] DLs: 6 (+1) Stores: 0 (NC) People: 14 (+5) AVG: 8.50 - Faction
2.) Copies: 24 (+3) - [Mail:6] DLs: 3 (NC) Stores: 0 (NC) People: 7 (+1) AVG: 8.50 - White Rose
3.) Copies: 2 (NC) - [Mail:0] DLs: 4 (NC) Stores: 0 (NC) People: 4 (NC) AVG: 2.50 - Varsity Squad
4.) Copies: 1 (+1) - [Mail:0] DLs: 2 (NC) Stores: 0 (NC) People: 3 (+1) AVG: 1.50 - The Underground

Now, I've got to call out here, though! I'm happy that any people are purchasing our book, but we're looking to get more along the lines of hundreds of issues sold, not dozens. ;) If you've checked out the reviews, sample pages, etc, go and pick up a copy for yourself and let people know what you think. If you post your reviews somewhere online, in the Faction group, dimestore, or wherever, send me a link and I'll talk about it and give you credit, of course. We want to hear what you have to say!
Bottom line is that if Faction is to succeed, we need your help! Get a copy, download or print, and share your thoughts.

Here, again, are the various ways to get Faction...

FANS - There are two ways for fans to get Faction Zero.
1. Order direct - Look up Faction, or item DSP-I09-F0. You can download for $2.00 or purchase the printed version for $3.50 plus postage BEFORE AUGUST 31st!
2. Go to your local comic book store and give them the below retailer information, explaining that you want them to carry the book and, well, hopefully they will! Make sure they place their orders ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 31st!

RETAILERS - There are two ways to get copies to your store.
1. Order from Haven directly by going to, sign up, send a mail to Haven requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction to order. All orders must be turned in for Faction on or before AUGUST 31st! Issues will deliver in September.
2. Order from DimeStore directly by going to, sign up, send an email to DimeStore requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction DSP-I09-F0. Issues will deliver in September.

Please note, the order code DSP-I09-F0 is Case Sensitive DSP-I(letter)0(zero)9-F0(zero).


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