Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Faction and other projects... image crazy!

I thought it would be fun to do a posting where I stick a bunch of images from projects I'm working on currently... Besides that, I really need your help... Faction is currently in 2nd place in Small Press Idol. We really need a shot in the arm of sales of our zero issue to take this thing or the competition will run away with it. If we win, we get a publishing deal for the book and a cash prize. Please help!

a. PRINT COPY - http://www.dimestoredistro.com/faction-0-2274.html
b. PDF DOWNLOAD - http://www.dimestoredistro.com/faction-0-dl-2275.html

Now for some images!!!!

FACTION 0 issue cover and pages 6-8 Art by Arnie Gordon / colors by Michael Nelsen

The Evil Tree Mock Cover and some sample pages... Art by Denman Rooke

The Detective book... A Mock Cover and some rough pages... Art by Sachin Nagar

Unbeatables images.... Art by Michael Nelsen

TLA (you'll have to figure that one out) - Art by Michael Nelsen.

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