Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Faction - The Geek Syndicate and Throws... Plus Idol Results for today...

First off, special thanks to the Geek Syndicate for reviewing the zero issue of Faction!
Well, there's something to be said for taste today, I think... I found it very amusing that a review posted today by the Geek Syndicate pointed out a particular quote from Acker, "A Little challenging short an arm, but…a throw is a throw." This very quote is one that a particular judge in Small Press Idol commented about, saying it didn't "fully work" for them. That's life, though, really... some people are going to love what you do and others will not. Without various tastes, we'd all write the same and everyone would have a heck of a time figuring out what to buy... and we'd get bored. To the Geek Syndicate, however, this quote, "This was the line where I thought 'OK you got me, who do I need to kill to get issue 1 of this bad boy'." Always nice to hear comments like that! They go on call the story gritty with great dialog (referring to the "throw is a throw" comment again), the art crisp and clean, and "the start of an epic and global supernatural adventure which has got off to a great start." In other words, they want you to go get it.

To see the full review, go to ~

As for Faction, the results have been posted for the last couple of days at the web site...

1.) Copies: 66 ( +5) - [Mail: 4] DLs: 14 (+1) Bulk: 30 [2] (+20) People: 44 (+3) AVG: 38.50 - Faction
2.) Copies: 69 ( +9) - [Mail:10] DLs: 14 (NC) Bulk: 25 [3] (+25) People: 34 (+5) AVG: 35.50 - White Rose
3.) Copies: 36 ( +3) - [Mail: 2] DLs: 2 (NC) Bulk: 5 [1] ( NC) People: 20 (+1) AVG: 15.75 - The Underground
4.) Copies: 10 ( +1) - [Mail: 2] DLs: 9 (NC) Bulk: 0 [0] ( NC) People: 13 (+1) AVG: 8.00 - Varsity Squad

Faction is still in the lead, but that lead is shrinking! If we win, we get a contract for four more issues of Faction... What can you do to help? Pick up a copy today.

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