Thursday, August 13, 2009

Faction - Sales, marketing, and what may or may not work

Faction still appears to be at the top of the charts today, which is great... you can see by the below that really only 33 people have purchased copies of the book... Now, you might think that worries me, but really it doesn't. When it comes to indie books outside of mainstream distribution, you don't sell copies in droves all at once. I mean, if you're established and have a large fan base, sure, but when you're building a name, it doesn't seem to work that way. You need to get fans, reviews, word of mouth, convention time, etc, before people really buy into your book, right? Well... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

1.) Copies: 38 ( +5) - [Mail: 4] DLs: 11 (+2) Bulk: 10 [1] (+10) People: 33 (+5) AVG: 23.00 - Faction
2.) Copies: 39 (+10) - [Mail:10] DLs: 10 (+2) Bulk: 0 [0] ( NC) People: 22 (+3) AVG: 17.75 - White Rose
3.) Copies: 22 ( +6) - [Mail: 2] DLs: 2 (NC) Bulk: 5 [1] ( NC) People: 10 (+2) AVG: 9.75 - The Underground
4.) Copies: 5 ( NC) - [Mail: 0] DLs: 7 (NC) Bulk: 0 [0] ( NC) People: 8 (NC) AVG: 5.00 - Varsity Squad

If you think about it, if we manage to sell, over a month, a few hundred copies, that's awesome. The way I see it, we could get to a convention and when people see the book first hand, they may buy it in droves! There's another X-Factor in the whole thing, too... Haven... No one knows exactly how many stores are going to get involved in the contest and order copies for their stores. It could be 50... it could be 500! When all is said and done, the order of things above could be completely different! This, though, is why we need fans of Faction to rise and purchase a copy... $2 PDF / $3.50 printed copy... If you have one, tell a friend... If you don't have one, get one, get two, get 549 of them! ha ha...


As for the reviews, the links haven't changed, but I'm putting them here again so you can see them. Check 'em out! <-- more an FYI than review

By the way, there are several things on FaceBook you can check out...
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Check them all out!

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