Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Super Secret Horror Mini - The Cat's Out of the Bag (sort of)

I believe it was way back on January 18th of this year, I had a post up at DevianArt that I was looking for an artist for any one of like six ideas I had at the time... fantasy book, detective book, sci-fi/fantasy hybrid, horror mini, and a couple of others. Denman Rooke, a talented fine artist in PA contacted me through DeviantArt and we started talking. After some back and forth, he told me he was interested in my horror mini, which back then I was super tight lipped about, not certain how things would play out... Well, here we are several months later, many projects for Denman, a tour for his band, The Last Hope (get it? The Last Bard is me The Last Hope is his band?), and several other things later and we're just about ready to unleash the book on the world... The name of the super secret mini may not seem so profound, but the story is amazing, probably some of my best writing to date... I finished writing the mini-series months ago and have been laying in wait, just allowing the time Denman needed to get the pages finished so we could release the hounds!

What you see before you on here is a mock cover Denman came up with based on some conversations with me (and from the script of course)... More pages will be posted in the coming days and weeks... Won't ruin the story, just give you a flavor for things.

I give you The Evil Tree... The cover tells you a little bit... The pages tell you a little bit... that's pretty much all you're going to get right now! All I'll say is that the tree plays a large role in the book and there's a healthy dose of my interpretation of how bad things can get in a house when you're cut off from civilization and things start going downhill.

The final project was actually a test for my writing... Since I like to let a story breathe, I decided from the point I wrote the first caption on the first page that the Evil Tree would only be four issues, that's it, so my goal was to get my ideas, which filled a huge number of pages in a notebook, into a concise story, not rushed, and yet in that four issue goal. I was so pleased with the results, I finished it, edited the heck out of it, shared it with only like four people, and locked it up... Now that we're getting so close to things, I just had to show off these pages to show the world how great a job Denman did. He took the story, read it, really got into the characters minds, and ended up producing images that needed little in the way of guiding from me. He trusted the script, I trusted his interpretation.

Anyway, enjoy!

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