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Faction - Evolution of a Page from Rounds 3 - 4, pencil to final final

I always find this kind of stuff entertaining.... How do we get from a script to the final product. For Faction, I thought we could take a look at page seven, how it turned out in Round 3 of Small Press Idol and then how it turned out in Round 4 with Arnie taking another look at my script and Mike adding in greyscale tones.

So... take a look at the script and we'll keep talking...

PAGE SEVEN (Five Panels)

Panel 1. View from the center of the room looking towards the bed where Acker has laid out Elam. Acker is starting to get up, twisting to look towards Gabriel. Acker’s face is stern, alert, ALIVE for the first time since waking up in the hospital, a glimmer, a threat of vengeance in his eyes. Gabriel is walking towards them, leading with his sword, but it’s pointed down towards Elam. Based on the angle, Abigail isn’t visible.

I don’t know who the hell you guys are, but it’s time to start explaining.

For the first time since being injured, I was me again.

Panel 2. View from the bed looking towards Acker, Gabriel, and Abigail. Abigail is talking, but Gabriel is looking down at Elam, not visible from the angle, his sword pointed down towards her. Acker is shaking his head in disbelief. Beyond them, the black sword is still on the ground, smoking in the light.

Monsieur, we are from the Society of the Enlightened. We were sent to watch over you.

Panel 3. Slightly different angle, same people on the panel, but Elam is visible on the ground, her body hasn’t moved, but her eyes are open, starting to turn colors again towards the fiery orange red they were when she was blackened by a spell. Acker is pointing towards the door with his left hand (of course), looking frustrated. Abigail and Gabriel are looking to Acker, not understanding why he’s arguing with them.

Just get out of here, both of you; I don’t need your Society. I don’t need anyone.

You saw that creature; it was just the first, Asa. More will come.


Come with us and all will be clear. You are one of us.

Panel 4. View from the center of the room looking towards the bed again. Elam is lunging at Acker’s back, black starting to coat her body again, starting at the fingers, now talons.

Maybe he’ll understand in his next life.

Panel 5. View from the side as Elam cuts across Acker’s back with her talons, ripping deep. Acker is arching his back from the blow, mouth opened to scream into the air.

ACKER (Yelling):

It felt like it cut me to my spine. A wound like that can paralyze you… if it doesn’t kill you.

You may notice first off that the script itself varies a little from the final product. Since I do my own lettering, I take that step as the final check on the script and sometimes move around dialog to match up better with how the artist draws the page. If you're a writer, I really recommend you learn how to letter. I'm not perfect... I'm still learning and will keep learning, but really it helps!

Now in round 3 of Small Press Idol, Arnie came in late in the game if you recall. KT had some difficulties on a personal level necessitating his departure from the team and Arnie graciously hopped in to fill his shoes. The drawback was we had a deadline looming and not a lot of time to get the pages finished... so, basically, he had to run through the pages and missed a few details. If you look at this page, though, you'll notice subtle differences only. Emlin's eyes (the den-spawn) are glowing, for example, and the characters all look a little bit different as Arnie had time to really explore their look and feel for himself. The very last page, though, is the kicker... when Mike added in 'tones.... wow... the pages really pop. Anyone who thinks coloring is easy, give it a try, it sucks! Mike did an expert job on all of the pages in Faction issue 0, adding a depth you just can't match with straight pen.

Anyway, that's it for now, I just wanted to let people take a looksie "behind the veil", so to speak...

If you have not picked up a copy of Faction... shame on you! Go get one! $3.50 plus shipping for the print version and $2.00 for a PDF download. The winner of Small Press Idol 2009 gets a publishing deal and a cash prize and Faction aims to be that winner, but we can't make it happen without your help!!!!


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